At First Line Counseling, we understand the difficulty in not only finding a good counselor but just taking that first step to ask for help. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a profound impact on the mental health of Americans from the very young to our seniors. Stress and anxiety ranges from fear of contracting the virus, joblessness, child care issues, social isolation, virtual-school and work, or worse, the devastating loss of losing a loved one. You are not alone.

Since the start of the pandemic, we transitioned from in-person visits to using a HIPAA compliant video conferencing service called, Telehealth. Our experienced clinicians have continued to offer the same welcoming, comfortable and supportive environment as before the pandemic. ​We use an eclectic style of counseling and each session is structured to fit the unique needs of every client. We strive to make every session productive and meaningful while helping you achieve your goals.

​Please see our Services above to learn more about counseling for individuals, couples, children's play therapy, adolescents and our specialty, working with first responders and military/veterans. 

Now Offering Telehealth, a safe confidential, HIPAA compliant video-conferencing tool!

First Line Counseling specializes in counseling for individuals, couples, children, teens, First Responders and individuals in high stress professions.  Specializing in a wide range of issues like anxiety, depression and trauma is our forte. Using evidence based interventions, we can help you and your loved one work through difficult times.  Above all, getting to a place of peace and happiness is well within your reach. We can help you get there!

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Meet Our Team:

Matt Frasca, Founder of First Line & LCPC

Daniel Seger, LGPC & PSYD

Lisa Castillo, LMSW

Kathleen Carter, LMSW

Natalie Gwin, Psy.D.

Candace Pearson, LCPC

Casey Frederick,

Rebecca Hansen, LMSW

Talia Gimeno, Clinical Director & LCSW-C

Mariah Covington, LGPC

Britt Bailey, LMSW